Clarktron Air-O-Matic – Electronic Air Ejection Control


Air-O-Matic ejects parts with a measured blast of air at a precisely timed point in the press cycle.

With today’s energy prices, it’s a waste of money to leave air lines turned on through 360 degrees of a press cycle, when it only takes 30 to 40 degrees of a press cycle, when it only takes 30 to 40 degrees of the cycle to kick pants loose.

The air ejector control’s turn the part-eject air on and off at exactly the right points in the stamping cycle, so you use only the air you need. The result – your compressed air consumption is cut as much as 80%. Set up is simple: Air-O-Matic air ejector is easily set for a specific press cycle. The air ejector timing is set by mounting a proximity switch to pick up a cam on the crankshaft or the press ram.

Delay is established by noting the point in the machine cycle where the proximity switch “sees” the cam, and adjusting the “delay” knob to add time needed (variable from 0.1 to 10 seconds) for the press to move the precise turn-on point in cycle.

Duration of the air-blast (variable from 0.1 to 10 seconds) is also set from the air ejector’s control panel. Once the values for the delay and duration are set, they remain the same as the machine cycle is repeated.

Air flow is controlled by a solid-state electro-optical relay (immune to noise and vibration) providing crisp, clean “on-off” current to a solenoid which opens and closes the air valve. Manual air flow can be provided by pressing the “energize” button on the air ejector’s control panel.

Air-O-Matic Air Ejector Features

Air-O-Matic Air Ejector Specifications

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