Clarkton Rimfire 3 Tool Protection

Rimfire Mini

Rimfire Tool Protection System Operation

Rimfire 3 tool protection system monitors every step of the press cycle for any condition that could cause trouble. Tool protection is used to monitor the process of a functioning press and stop the press before damage occurs when the process fails. The tool protection system will indicate the exact failure so that the problems can be corrected, the tool protection unit can rest and the press may again be started.

Cyclic Events

The Rimfire 3 tool protection system can monitor up to 16 cyclic events at one time, such as part ejection, stock feed, part transfer, etc. There are two tool protection system units available. The mini tool protection system unit has three cyclic stations. The expandable tool protection system unit has from 4 to up to 16 cyclic stations. The events must occur between an adjustable timing window tied to the press rotation. Proximity sensors and cams are provided for this purpose. All stations have an individual LED so that a missing signal will be clearly indicated. Both the cam system and the probe stations are completely fail-safe. If the cams or station inputs become disabled, the press will be disabled and fail-safe circuit will be indicated.

Static Events

The Rimfire 3 tool protection system comes equipped with 2 stations to monitor static events, such as stock buckling or stock run out sensors, pilot misfeed, feed microswitch sensors, etc. Several sensors can be used in parallel with the Accessory N.O. or in series with Accessory N.C. Whenever the accessory circuit stops the press, the corresponding LEDs will illuminate.

Tool Protection Features

Tool Protection System Specifications

Number of Tool Protection System Control Stations:

Tool Protection System Response Time (including rise time of power delay):

Tool Protection System Output Relay:

Tool Protection System Operating Voltage:

Tool Protection System Power Consumption:

Tool Protection System Sizes:

Tool Protection System Standard Equipment

Tool Protection System Operational Equipment

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