Tondial ALS Tonage Monitor

Digital Press Tonnage Monitoring System

Microprocessor analyses tonnage generated by the press for a chosen number of cycles and automatically sets the limit above and below the average by a chosen percentage. The press is stopped when limits are exceeded.

The Tondial Tonnage Monitor Features:

Tondial Tonnage Monitor Operation: The standard Tondial tonnage monitor is equipped with 2 or 4 strain guage sensors. Generally, a 2 sensor tonnage monitor system is adequate for OBI and small straight side presses, however 4 sensor tonnage monitor systems are best for H frame presses.

The tonnage monitor’s sensors are mounted in an area (usually the frame of the press) so that the stress or strain of the machine operating creates movement on the sensors. The microprocessor circuit analyses the signals and the peak reading of each sensor is displayed and updated each cycle. If the reading strays outside of the limit settings, high or low, the press will be stopped and the out limit sensor will be indicated. Both the tonnage readings and limit settings are constantly displayed. It is necessary to adjust the tonnage monitor to a known value during the initial installation. Generally, this is done by having the press generate tonnage on calibrated load cells from a bureau of standards. The tonnage monitor is then set to match these readings.

The limit settings of the tonnage monitor may be set manually or automatically. In the automatic mode the microprocessor will look at an adjustable number of cycles, takes an average of the peaks and automatically set the limits 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25% above and below the average value. Settings are stored in the tonnage monitor unit when the power is turned off.

In addition to protecting the press from overload and tool breakage, the tonnage monitor unit is also useful for picking up tool wear, balancing the die, detecting material over and under thickness, etc.

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